The Best iTunes Alternatives 2017 For Easy File Management


If there is one thing that Apple has been doing since 2001 when it was launched, it is regularly updating and developing its versions. What will be presented to you today are some wonderful alternatives that an Apple user such as you can start using to enjoy music. There is a problem with iTunes when it comes to this regards and that is the fact that it is very complex to use. That is why this post has been prepared, to show you some of the best alternatives for Mac that you can use to replace iTunes without stress. We are 100% sure that the experience that you will get with these tools will be exciting. Without further delay here are some of the Best iTunes Alternatives 2017 that you can start using.

Part 1: KeepVid Music – Music & Video Download as the first alternative to iTunes

KeepVid Music  – Music & Video Download is a wonderful program which makes music to be manageable in terms of transfer, storage, downloading, organizing of playlists and so on. Best of all is that these can be carried out from one interface. It should be the first to come to mind when it comes to Best iTunes Alternatives 2017. There is a trial version for you to test out its efficacy. This trial version has a very level of compatibility with the Mac as well as Windows.

KeepVid MusicHere are some of its features

  • iTunes library can be built and organized with great amount of ease and simplicity
  • It can help you help arrange your music library
  • It can allow iTunes that has Android
  • There are no restrictions when it comes to having music files transferred
  • It doesn't allow duplicate songs to be transferred.
  • Its backup process can be captivated with just a simple click.
  • Can be used in Android as well as iOS
  • Videos as well as music files can be downloaded from thousands of sites
  • Music can be managed properly without any form of restrictions from iTunes
  • Your playlists can be shared with ease
  • Covers as well as id3 tags can be fixed by it
  • There is easy burning of music to CD
  • Can automatically convert files to any format in no time

Download KeepVid Music (Windows Version) Download KeepVid Music (Mac Version)

Part 2. TunesGo – iOS Device Manager as the second iTunes Alternative

This is also another wonderful option when it comes to doing a better job than iTunes. One amazing thing that you will love about this program is its user – friendly nature. Its services that it offers to users are second to none. With TunesGo – iOS Device Manager there is absolutely no need for you to get worried about having to look for which file is duplicated or original because it does all the sorting out by itself. Also, it ensures that only original files are transferred and will make sure to convert every file that isn't supported to be compatible.

Here are its amazing features

  • This program only detects original music files and sort out the ones that are duplicates
  • Files can be transferred in batches all at once. Also music files which are purchased can be shared among different IDs of Apple
  • There is easy transfer of music files to your device even if you don't install iTunes
  • There is a very high compatibility with devices that are of iOS origin. Even those files which are exclusively compatible with iTunes are supported and as such, they can be easily exported
  • Duplicate contacts in your device can be easily merged by TunesGo – iOS Device Manager when you click on the button which says “Merge”
  • Backup process is super easy through a new playlist backup system

Download TunesGo (Windows Version) Download TunesGo (Mac Version)

Part 3. Ecoute as another alternative to iTunes

This program is easy and friendly at the same time so users won't have any problem trying to make the most of its features. Its interface is unique and it happens to be a program which is light in weight. With this application your iTunes library can be easily detected without stress. It even gives you the option of doing playback. Also there is a very high level of support for your social networking websites. This is a program that will effectively replace the music player in your device.

Features of Ecoute

  • This program is highly user friendly and light in weight
  • Music can be instantly indexed
  • Cover art that is easy to use can be displayed by the program

Part 4. Swinsian as the fourth iTunes Alternative

This program is designed to majorly handle matters relating to your media playback. With this tool, there is an easy integration with your social media accounts because your account can be linked to it. One thing about this program is that its features are simply unique.

See some of its highly unique features

  • Data can be easily imported and exported from the library of iTunes.
  • It has a feature which helps to identify duplicate files.
  • It has Regex search and it can produce a playlist that is separate and different
  • Its playlist will be able to display every stats about files in the library
  • Its podcast downloading process is automatic.

Part 5. Anytrans as the fifth best iTunes Alternative

This is a program that has a very wonderful way of supervising the process of proper management of your iPhone. With this program there is an easy transfer of backup as it supervises the management of every data in your iOS device. Its features are easy to use by anyone. Although it is majorly used to manage importing and exporting of data in your iPhone device, it can also improve the performance of your device as well.


  • Media files are easily sorted and transferred without anyone being erased
  • Videos can be made to fit display
  • When you receive files you are always notified
  • iTunes library can built with just a click

Part 6. PodTrans as the sixth iTunes Alternative

With this application, you can easily transfer files from your personal computer to your iPhone device. You can also do iPhone to iPhone device. In this program every file whether audio, video and so on is supported. This is a very good replacement for iTunes that will give you some wonderful advantages.

Benefits of this program

  • Its interface is an easy one
  • It has a very high speed
  • Multiple files can be managed at once
  • It doesn't have any problems working with iTunes

Part 7. MediaMonkey as the another alternative to iTunes

This program has some wonderful in – built features that are worth your time. Music lovers want to manage their music libraries and this program gives you that platform to do such. With this program, it can be said that music management is easier than what it used to be even with iTunes. One great thing about this application is that it is very light in weight even despite its features.

Its wonderful features are:

  • It has juke box mode, automatic DJ as well as media downloader for any of the events
  • Any type of music can be managed easily
  • It supports most video and audio formats
  • It uses file monitor to automatically have your library updated
  • Duplicate files or tracks are found with ease
  • Tags are automatically edited
  • There is an easy backup and syncing or Android, iPhone as well iPad devices
  • There is easy sharing of files within CD burners that are integrated. The same can also be said of DVD burners.

In conclusion of the above, it can be seen that when it comes to using the Best iTunes Alternatives 2017, there is no other alternative that is as complete and secured as KeepVid Music – Music & Video Download as well as TunesGo – iOS Device Manager.

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