Step by Step to Delete Photos on Your iPhone Permanently


I'm sure all of us have deleted some unwanted photos on your iPhone due to various reasons. But are you really feeling safe once you delete the photos? Do you know that the deleted files can still be recovered with some professional programs? Do you know that manually delete of the photos is not a permanent way?

Yes, I bet many of you haven't realized that yet. With a proper iPhone photos recovery program such as Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS Data Recovery, the photos you thought you have deleted will come back to your device without efforts. If you want to get more information about how this program works, you can read this guide about how to use Dr.Fone for iOS to recovery deleted photos from iPhone here. Don't panic. However, there is still a way to get rid of your unwanted photos for good. The key is one powerful iPhone photo eraser tool named SafeEraser. You are allowed to make all the photos vanished for good.

If you want to make sure your deleted iPhone photos are non-recoverable by any kinds of recovery tool, then you need to get to know this program and how to use it to delete photos from iPhone permanently at the same time. Now we will focus on the process of using SafeEraser in the following guidance. Only four steps are required.

Step 1. Delete the unwanted photos on your iPhone

To start with, Tap Photos app on your iPhone and decide which photo you want to delete. If you want to delete just a few of them, you can tap the dustbin icon on the bottom. If you want to delete them in bulk, just tap Photos app, click Select on the right side, and choose what you want to delete and hit the dustbin icon.


Step 2. Install SafeEraser on your computer

You need to download this SafeEraser on your computer now. Both Windows version or Mac version are available for you. After installation, run it and use a USB cable to connect your iPhone with the computer. In a short while, you will see your iPhone showing in the window.

Download SafeEraser for Windows Download SafeEraser for Mac

SafeEraser for Windows

Step 3. Scan for deleted photos

There is one option Erase Deleted Filers on the left side of the program. Hit it and click Start Scan on the right side. Then the program will scan your iPhone automatically and get the scanning result of deleted photos.
Delete Photos on iPhone Permanently

Step 4. Permanently delete the unwanted photos on your iPhone

When the scanning result shows, check Photos. You can preview all the photos you want to get rid of. Hit the button Erase Now once you are confirmed with your choice. That's all you have to do to delete the photos on your iPhone for good.

Erase Photos on iPhone 6S

The whole process of removing iPhone photos sounds quite simple with the help of SafeEraser right? Why not download this program and handle it by yourself to find out what else this program can do personally?

Download SafeEraser for Windows Download SafeEraser for Mac

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