Ways to Hard Reset an iPhone without Having the Password


Your iPhone password and other Apple ID details are very important when using the Apple devices because they can ensure the safety of your personal information. However, there are some situations that you forget the password or even don't have one. Maybe you buy the iPhone outside the apple store or just purchase the secondhand one. In this regard, it becomes more difficult to reset your iPhone. In fact, Apple devices such as iPod, iPhone, and iPad make connections with each other by means of the Apple ID details.

However, you can also reset the device without having your Apple password by putting the device into its DFU mode. This mode can help you to update iOS easily. This is the reason why you can reset it without your Apple ID. Next, refer to the following steps as shown below.

Step 1: Run iTunes on the computer and then connect the iPhone to the computer with the help of USB cables.

Step 2: Launch the iPhone

Step 3: Click and hold on the Home button for about 3 seconds

Step 4: Then click on both the Home and the Power buttons for 10 seconds

Step 5: Once you see the Apple Logo show up on the screen, it is time to release the Power button.

Step 6:
Until iTunes has detected your iPhone is in recovery mode, you can release the Home button.

Step 7: Follow the steps on iTunes. Update the iPhone or make a hard reset according to the steps displayed on iTunes. You can refer to the pictures as shown below.

Once you see the phone restarts automatically, it means that the hard reset process is completed successfully.

Tips about how to hard reset an iPhone

You had better not do the hard reset until it seems to be the last choice to make your phone back to normal because this process probably leads to losing all your data which is saved on the iPhone. Of course, if you want to sell the phone or just give it to someone others, it is recommended that you can reset the device in order to prevent the leakage of personal information.

In some situations, such as your iPhone can't work normally or you are aware of that your iPhone mayor has been infected with the virus, it is necessary to hard reset your iPhone device.

No matter what reason it is, there are something you should pay attention to before you do this process. Some tips are shown below:

1. Remember to create backup files before you do a hard reset. Because hard reset will lead to total data loss, if you have backup files, you can help you restore them easily.

2. Remember to remove the SD card and the SIM card. In this way, it can prevent the data which is saved on these cards from damaging during the hard reset process

3. Unless you would like to sell or give your phone to someone others, please recover your device as soon as possible. In this way, you can make your phone back to normal.

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