How to Restore & Transfer iTunes Backup to iPhone 6S / 7 Plus


As we all know, technology has evolved to its maximum extent, as a result, none of us is able to live without phones, particularly the valuable data on the phones. So to keep the data safe completely is of great significance to all the users. We recommend that all your data should not only be well kept on your iPhone 6S but also be backed up on your computer. Upgrading the iOS may lead to data loss, or even the failure of hardware. All data on your iPhone 6S or other iOS devices, such as documents, music, contacts, pictures and more can keep away from loss via using iTunes backup.

There is a third-party iPhone 6S / 7 file management software, MobileTrans for Mac or MobileTrans for Windows, which is highly recommended to all the users to transfer iTunes backup file to new iPhone 6S easily. With this advanced transfer tool, the users are allowed to make iTunes backup saved and restored to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other iOS devices from the local copy, in an easy and quick manner, without any risk. This program is much better than the default backup/ restore options for the Apple, not only due to its easy-to -use function but also its large numbers of features.

The iPhone data management software, MobileTrans is of great help in making iTunes backup transferred to iPhone 6S owning to the following facts:
  • First, data transfer makes all the data shown consistently on devices running different operating systems, such as, BlackBerry, Android, iOS, Symbian, and others possible without the limit of iOS kind.
  • Second, videos, contacts, photos, music, call log, compatible app and other data can be transferred to iPhone 6S.
  • Third, you are capable of having the files restored and backed up only via an easy click.
  • Last but not least, it is totally possible for the users to get all your existing or deleted content erased forever.

Download MobileTrans for Windows Download MobileTrans for Mac

How to Restore or transfer iTunes Backup to iPhone 7/6S or other iOS Device

In this part, you are permitted to get access to the detailed steps of transferring iTunes backup to iPhone 6S through making use of this introduced tool, MobileTrans – Phone to Phone Transfer.

The first step, launching the software after having it downloaded and installed on the computer should be first done here.

mobiletrans for Windows

The second step, a USB cable is a good tool to have your iPhone 7/6S device linked with the computer. Then you are ought to enter into the page “Restore From Backup”, and select the option “iTunes”.

Transfer iTunes Backup to iPhone 6S
The final step, choose your target data, and you can get iTunes backup moved to iOS devices upon a click on the tab “Start Transfer“.

Remark: The reserve of the above operations is to back up your data between these two digital equipments, and that is a quite easy straight way. What's more, you should know that there are other transfer options you can try, such as Restore From Backups, Erase Your Old Phone, Phone to Phone Transfer, and Backup Your Phone.

Download MobileTrans for Windows Download MobileTrans for Mac

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