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Is it possible for me to reset my iPhone from the backup of iCloud or without iCloud?

In other to improve the way your device functions, you may want to the iCloud backup of your iPhone reset. It is usually recommended if it happens that your device isn't responding fast to commands. In such a case, iCloud backup becomes necessary. The need to have your device reset also becomes necessary when you plan selling it out but don't want the buyer to get access to your data which has been stored in the backup of iCloud. The problem is that you are likely to lose all your data once you opt for the option of having your device reset. The only way to access such data is to have it restored. The major aim of this article is to help outline the process through which you can Reset iPhone from iCloud with ease.

First part of how you can Reset iPhone from iCloud

The iCloud backup is necessary when there is less space to store items on your iCloud storage. The procedures that you are about to learn are capable of causing loss of data and as such it is very crucial that you backup your data first. After that, you can start the process of resetting device from iCloud.

Step 1. On your device, locate the settings section.

Step 2. You need to locate the icon which says “iCloud” below and click on it. If you want to find it, just scroll down you will see it at the down part of the settings section.

Step 3. The next thing that you will see after clicking on the “iCloud” tab is “Storage”. Click on this one and locate the “manage storage” section.

Step 4. Click on the “Manage Storage” and look for your iOS. This is usually under backups.

Step 5. You will have to choose which of the data that you want to backup. Then locate “Delete Backup”, click on it and you will see “turn off and delete”. Also delete this.

Step 6. Now return to the second step mentioned above and then have the backup turned on.

Second method of resetting iPhone without using iCloud

It is possible for you to reset your device without making use of iCloud. What will be required of you to do is to ensure that your contacts as well as data are backed up in another place. Here are the procedures below to have your iPhone reset without making use of iCloud.

Step 1. Switch on your device if it happens that it is switched off. Locate the settings section.

Step 2. Once you have gotten to the settings section, locate the “general options” and have it clicked on.

Step 3. The general windows will open after you have clicked on it. Now you will have to locate “Reset” at the down part of the window. Have the reset button clicked on.

Step 4.You will be given a numerous number of options to choose from under the “erase” window. Chose any option of your choice that you know will meet your needs. The most recommended option in this case is to look for the “erase all contents and settings” and have it clicked on. The only drawback about this method is that it will erase everything from your device which means that you may need to reconfigure some of the applications for proper functioning.

Step 5. Once you have clicked on the above button as explained, your passcode will be requested by the window that will popup. Just put your passcode and you will move on to another stage. It will only request for this code if your device has a password. So if there is no password, it will skip this stage and automatically go to the other one.

Step 6. There will be a box that will come up after you must have put your passcode. You will have confirmed it by clicking on “Erase iPhone”.

Step 7. There will be a box that will pop asking you to confirm. Click on the “Erase iPhone”


Third part: How To Use TunesGo Retro to Reset iPhone

With this software at your disposal, you can be able to transfer different types of files ranging from videos, audios, images, audio books, downloaded videos, as well as others that you may want to backup. You will have a better control of the files far better with TunesGo for iOS Device. The best of all is that your files are 100% safe and secured as you will not lose anyone in the process.

Do you have an iTunes library that is corrupt? Or your iPhone storage isn't enough? Then you can correct all these issues and many more with TunesGo – iOS Device Manager. This is because for the first time transferring of files just got easier and better.

With this program, you can be able to have your music library safely transferred and as well as having playlists shared with the aid of iTunes or your personal computer. When you share music files, you will be able to view the complete details about such songs. Another great thing about this software is that it doesn't copy duplicate files as it automatically selects the unique files to transfer.


What is it so unique about this program?

  • It can copy music files to personal computer, device or even iTunes.
  • Every element of music on your device will be transferred and shared. This could include: albums, ratings, ID3 tags, play counts and others.
  • Any format that isn't supported by iOS will be automatically converted to the one that is supported.
  • Any song with incomplete ID3 information that is not complete will be fixed automatically
  • Files' qualities are 100% retained as there is no loss
  • It allows purchased music files to be shared using various IDs.

Major features of TunesGo – iOS Device Manager

  • Only unique files will be allowed by the program to be transferred
  • The whole playlist can be transferred if you wish
  • There are no iTunes restrictions during the transfer process. All these can be done with just one click.

From the above, it can be seen that even though the first two methods are okay, TunesGo for iOS Device Manager makes you to Reset iPhone from iCloud in a very easy way without having to worry about the problem of losing data.

Download TunesGo (Windows Version) Download TunesGo (Mac Version)

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