How To Easily Sync iPod/iPad Music With iPhone 7/6S/6S Plus


Have you in any way lost the music files on your iPhone but noticed that you once saved the same files on your iPad device? Or maybe it happens that you just bought an iPhone 7/6S Plus and would like to have the music files in your iPad device to be transferred to your new iDevice? It doesn't really matter how complex and complicated the process may seem like as the truth is that it isn't what you are thinking it to be. That is to say having to transfer music files from an iPad to iDevice such as iPhone 7/6S Plus and 6S is super easy if you know how to do it the right way. There are different means through which you can solve such problem and that is why this post has been prepared for you. It will be aimed at showing you how to Sync iPod/iPad Music with iPhone 7/6S Plus using different methods and solutions.

There is one way that is mostly recommended and that is to make use of a program such as Wondershare TunesGo – Device Manager. With this application, you can easily transfer your music files from one device to another without any form of restrictions. There are also two applications that are created by Wondershare thereby making the process of file transfer between MobileTrans as well as KeepVid Music to be very easy. Also in this report, you will be shown how you can have your music library synchronized through making use of iTunes platform. This process may be proved difficult for you especially if you happen to be a novice in the world of having to manipulate your way in the platform of iOS.

Part 1: How to use TunesGo to Sync iPod/iPad Music with iPhone 7/6S Plus

If you want to have your music files transferred from your iPad device to your iPhone device there is something that you must first of all do and that is to have the program – TunesGo downloaded from its official page. It is important to point out that this transfer is strictly for iOS. Now you will need two USB cables that you will be using to have the two devices connected to your system for the transfer. You can follow the steps below to ensure a successful transfer process.

Download TunesGo (Windows Version) Download TunesGo (Mac Version)

Step 1. Have the downloaded application launched and ready for use in your computer device. There is always a screen welcoming you and asking you to have your device connected.

Step 2. The next thing that you should do after this launch is to have both devices connected with the USB cables. On the upper side of the image, you can look at the left side and you will know whether the devices are already connected or not.

Step 3. On the iPad menu locate the “Media section” and then click on it. Once you click on it, you should choose the option which says “Music”. This is always a default option. Once you have done that you will be able to see every song on your iPad device. Now select those songs that you would like to have transferred to your iDevice.

Step 4. Once you have had the songs that you would like to have transferred chosen, you will be able to see a triangle that is inverted. It is usually close to the “Export letters”. Now click on the triangle which is inverted and you will see a list that is dropped down. Just chose the one which is asking you to export to your iPhone device. It will display your device's name. Immediately you have done this, the transfer of music file process will start.

Part 2. Using KeepVid Music to Sync iPod/iPad Music With iPhone 7/6S Plus

KeepVid Music is a very compatible program that allows you to transfer your music files from your iPad device to your iPhone without stress. Also, different apple devices can easily be managed all at once. The process of having to easily Sync iPod/iPad Music With iPhone 7/6S Plus is something that you will appreciate with this.

As I just mentioned, there are many advanced features of KeepVid Music. Here are some primes for you:

  • You are provided free upgrades in lifetime after you purchase it.
  • It is quite easy to share your iTunes playlists with KeepVid Music in just one click.
  • You can manage all music files saved on your iPod/iPad without limitations of iTunes.
  • With help of KeepVid Music, your music library will be analyzed and cleaned automatically in just one click.
  • When find some interested music files from YouTube, you can download and record them with ease.
  • Even you are Android phone users, you can transfer files between iOS device with help of KeepVid Music.

Download KeepVid Music (Windows Version) Download KeepVid Music (Mac Version)

Step 1. Have your iPad as well as iPhone device connected. You will have to first of all have this application downloaded to your personal computer and then have it installed. After that you can then launch it. Now you can have both devices simultaneously connected to your system. Once the devices get connected, they will be detected by the program. It is important to point out that if you are undergoing this process for the first time, you will have to locate the icon that will pop up on your device saying that you trust the device. Once you click on the “trust” button, your device will be detected by the computer.

Step 2. On the KeepVid Music platform, there is an icon or button which says “Device”. You will have to click on it to see all the songs in your device. Once you have clicked on it, you will need to have the option which says “administrator's iPad” selected. Now select the button which says music and you will be given a chance to preview the songs that you would want to be transferred.

Step 3. Having seen the songs, you will need to right click on them and there is a menu that will drop down. Select the option in the menu which says “Export to” and then choose your iPhone device and the process has started. It is important that you make both devices to be connected to the computer while the transfer is going on.

The wonderful thing about KeepVid Music is that it is highly compatible with so many versions of iOS as well as iPhone and iPad devices

Part 3: Using MobileTrans to have music transferred from iPad to iPhone 7/6S/6S Plus

This is a program that enables the transfer of files between various phones. With it, you will be able to transfer any kind of file between your iDevices without stress. All you will need to do for a start is to have the most compatible version of this program with that of your iOS and you will transfer files easily. After that, you can have it installed. Now follow the steps below in a careful manner to transfer music files to your iPhone device from your iPad. This could be iPhone 7, SE, 6S, 6 Plus, 4S, 6s Plus, 4, 5s or even 5.

Download MobileTrans for Windows Download MobileTrans for Mac

Step 1. Have the program – MobileTrans launched on your system. Once the window appears, locate the option which says “phone to phone transfer” and have it clicked on.

Step 2. Have both of your devices connected to your system by using two USB cables at once. If there are songs that you may not want in your iPhone device locate the icon which says “Clear data before copy” and then click on it.

Step 3. If you want to start the process of transfer, you will need to have the boxes unchecked. After that click on the button which says “Start Transfer”. Make sure your devices are connected during this process for success to be achieved.


Part 4: How to Sync iPod/iPad Music with iPhone 7 via iTunes

Step 1: To start with, you need to install iTunes on your computer to ensure success of the process. Then just launch iTunes to bring up the starting window.


Step 2: Then, please connect your iPod/iPad to computer via a USB cable. Your iTunes will detect your device immediately. Please click File and then click Sync to get all music files that are saved on your old device.


Step 3: After the process, just click on File and Transfer Purchases. Then you can eject and unplug your iPod/iPad from computer.


Step 4: Now, you can connect your iPhone 7/6S/6C/6S Plus to computer via USB cable and then turn to your iTunes library since the music you just get from iPod/iPad are all saved in iTunes library now.


Step 5: In the iTunes library, you can select and preview the music files and find the ones you want to transfer. Then just drag them to your iPhone to get all music in minutes.

From the above, it is obvious that the process of having to easily Sync iPod/iPad Music With iPhone 7/6S Plus doesn't have to be difficult as you might have been seeing it to be.

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