How to Transfer Everything from Huawei to Google Pixel in 1-Click

Even though the purchase of a new phone is a very overwhelming feeling of happiness, it can be a stressful thing. You see, when purchasing a new phone, at first the realization that you've purchased this new piece of technology that you get to experience for yourself is pure happiness. However, after realizing that you'll have to manually transfer everything from Huawei to Google Pixel, that sense of happiness will soon fade. Luckily, with the use of TunesGo you are able to make this process a lot easier without having to worry about any compatibility issues or the process taking a huge chunk of time out of your day.

Why Should You Use a Transfer Tool?

Everyone who has purchased a new phone will agree that when it comes to transferring data, whether it is your contacts or your photo albums, it's a very boring task which takes up far too much time. By using a transfer tool to get the job done, it only takes a few minutes for all of the data on your old phone to be on your new phone. Not only does this save you time, but it saves you the dauntingly boring task of transferring data manually.

Transfer Everything from Huawei to Google Pixel with TunesGo

Below are the steps which must be taken for you to successfully transfer all of your files from a Huawei device straight onto your Google Pixel phone.

Step #1 – First, download and install the TunesGo program accordingly. Once installed, launch the program and wait for it to fully load.

Download TunesGo (Windows Version) Download TunesGo (Mac Version)

Step #2 – Connect both your Huawei phone and your new Google Pixel phone to your computer using the appropriate USB cables. Allow a few moments for them both to be detected by TunesGo.

Step #3 – Once they have been detected, click on the “Phone to Phone Transfer” from the main page.

Step #4 – A display will then be shown. Make sure that on the display, your Google Pixel phone is selected as the “Target device“. Click “Next” when you're ready to move forward.

Step #5 – On the next menu, you will be prompted to select the different types of data that you want to have transferred. While for this method it is ideal that you select all of the data types, you are free to select only the types of data that you want to have transferred.

Note: if you already have data on your Google Pixel phone and want this data to be removed or overwritten, select the “Delete contents on target device then transfer” option at the bottom of the display.

Step #6 – Once you've selected the types of data that you'd like to have transferred, click on the “Transfer” button.

Step #7 – After the transfer process is complete, you will now have full access to all of your Huawei data on your new Google Pixel device.

As you can see, there really isn't too much to this method and if you only want a specific type of data transferred, then this method allows you to do so. However, if you want to be even more specific about the data that is transferred, you are able to selectively transfer data from Huawei to Google Pixel with TunesGo. To do so, simply follow the steps below.

Step #1 – Again, start by making sure that TunesGo is downloaded and installed. Launch once you're ready to move forward.

Download TunesGo (Windows Version) Download TunesGo (Mac Version)

Step #2 – Connect both your Huawei device and your Google Pixel devices to your computer using appropriate cables.

Step #3 – On TunesGo, select the appropriate data type that you want to have transferred. For this example, we will be using “Photos“.

Step #4 – After selecting photos, you will be displayed with all of the photos which are currently stored on your Huawei device.

Step #5 – Take a few minutes to go through the photos and selectively choose the ones which you'd like to have transferred.

Step #6 – Once you've chosen specific photos, click on the “Export” button, followed by “Export to Google Pixel“.

Step #7 – After the transfer process is complete, all of your photos will now be available on your Google Pixel device.

As mentioned above, this same method can be applied to any other type of data on your device, simply choose the appropriate tab.

With TunesGo, regardless of whether you're looking to transfer everything from Huawei to Google Pixel or selectively transfer data, the processes behind them are incredibly easy.

TunesGo is Equipped to Deal with Google Pixel

That's right! With Google Pixel being a fantastic and new piece of technology, developed by Google, of course, you may be wary about whether or not TunesGo is equipped to deal with Google Pixel, and it is! TunesGo is a program which is updated on a regular basis to ensure that it is compatible with as many devices and platforms as possible. Below are some of the features of Google Pixel Phone Manager which stands out the most and are the most useful.

  • Data Transfer. Easy transfer data between devices with only one click. Furthermore, a lot of users may worry that moving from an iOS device may cause data issues although fortunately, Google Pixel Phone Manager allows for you to transfer data from any platform and on top of that takes care of any data conversions that may be needed!
  • Data Backup and Restoration. As with any device, being able to access the best data backup tools around is a necessity and with this Phone Manager, you have access to just that. Easily backup data so that if something goes wrong with your device, you're prepared to deal with it in a manner which is most effective. If something does go wrong, you can use any of the backups which you had taken to restore the data appropriately.
  • Device Rooting. Not satisfied with your device due to the limitations which are placed on it? If that's the case, with Google Pixel Phone Manager you are able to root your device, thus giving you full access to all of its features without worrying about the limitations which are placed on it by default.
  • Free Download. A lot of people are on edge when it comes to purchasing software, and that's understandable. With this Google Pixel Phone Manager, you are able to download a free version of the program to ensure that it's the program that you're looking for.

Even though the program has so much more to offer, these are just some of the features which stand out the most. On top of being able to transfer everything from Huawei to Google Pixel, transfer data from iPhone to Google Pixel, it's clear that having TunesGo installed is something that is in everyone's best interests.

Download TunesGo (Windows Version) Download TunesGo (Mac Version)

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