How to Transfer & Import Music to iOS 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 Devices


It feels good when you listen to the music by your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. But sometimes the network and iTunes sync may get into problems. When it occurs, it's not that easy to transfer music to your iOS devices which is the iOS 11/10/9. However, we also have other ways to complete the transmission of songs. Here, we introduce 5 different ways to do this. You can use any one of them considering your situation.

Method 1. Transfer music to your iOS devices by TunesGo with ease

Let's talk about a common situation. Sometimes you may hear a song from your friends' PC accidentally. You fall in love with it and are eager to transfer it to your iOS devices freely. However, if you want to get the song by iTunes, you must sync the devices with your friends' iTunes. As a result, all the other songs in your playlist will be lost.

Now we can solve this dilemma with a 3rd party tool – TunesGo – iOS Devices Manager. This software can transfer the songs from your PC or Mac to you iOS devices without syncing. It also can transfer the music in turn for sharing the music with your family and friends. After the transmission finished, the data of your devices will not change except what you allow. Get the free trial version here.

Download TunesGo (Windows Version) Download TunesGo (Mac Version)

TunesGo - iOS Devices
TunesGo is an easy-used and powerful software which can transfer the songs between PC or Mac and iOS devices. You also can delete and add the songs and playlists through this software.

Play the video tutorial to know how to transfer the music to iOS 9, 10, 11.

Download TunesGo (Windows Version) Download TunesGo (Mac Version)

Method 2. Transfer music to your iOS devices by iTunes

When it comes to the songs transmission, iTunes may occur in your mind. Definitely, iTunes as an important product the Apple made, have the basic function of transferring the files including songs. The first step for transferring through iTunes is to ensure your iOS devices connected with iTunes. Otherwise the media files in your devices will be deleted. Use the USB cable to connect the device to computer, and then start iTunes Library. Tap Show Sidebar in View menu. Select your device from the Devices menu. Click on Music. Tap Sync Music, and then tap Sync.

Although iTunes is a very wonderful software to manage your iOS devices, it has a big disadvantage that it can't share the music in different iOS devices.

export music from mac to ipod by itunes

Method 3. Transfer the songs to your iOS devices by iCloud

iCloud is a storage which can be accessed by different iOS devices. If you purchase a song in iTunes store, the song will be used on your iOS devices. Also, you can use the songs you have already bought in the past. Open the iTunes app and sign in your Apple ID.Click on Purchased and tap Music. Then you can download the songs you have already bought in the past to your iOS devices. To transfer the songs to your iOS devices by iCloud, please do as the following steps:

Step 1. Open iCloud: Click on Settings, then click on iCloud, sign in your Apple ID.
Step 2. Make it download automatically: Click on Settings, then click on iTunes & App Store, and then turn on the switches – Music.
Step 3. Your must set iCloud on your computer to make full use of the iCloud.

share music by icloud
Tips: From above we can know that the iCloud only can transfer the songs you bought from iTunes store. It can't transfer the songs which are in your CD or downloaded from the Internet until you use the iTunes Match service in iCloud. You will spend $24.99 per year for this service in order to access your entire music from all your devices and Macs which are connected with the iCloud.

Method 4. Transfer the songs to your iOS devices by Dropbox

If you don't want to pay for the music transmission, you can try the Dropbox. It is similar with the iCloud but it's free. Download & install it from App Store in all your computers and devices. Register an account of Dropbox, and then drop the songs to it and sync it. Now you can sign in this account on any of your devices, then sync it, you will find the songs you are just dropped shown on your iOS devices.

share music by dropbox

Method 5. Transfer the songs to your iOS devices by KeepVid Music

Step 1. Deactivate iPad auto syncing feature of iTunes

Run iTunes on your computer. Click Edit on the menu and then Preference. Choose Devices in the popping up window. Tick the box of the first option Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically. Thus, iTunes will not take place of the former contents of itself.

Step 2. Launch KeepVid Music on your computer.

Get this program downloaded and installed before you continue. Connect your iPad to your computer with a USB cable. After that, run KeepVid Music and you will see iPad showing in the primary interface under the DEVICE.

Step 3. Download music from computer to iPad.

On your Mac or PC, just open your music files you would like to download to your iPad.


Step 4. Export music to iPad from the computer by Drag & Drop

a. Back to TunesGo main windows, then click the option of “DEVICE” to show your iPad. Then click the icon “Music” on the left corner that will show you all your music files on your iPad.

b. Now you can Drag & Drop those ticked music files from computer to “Music” interface directly.

Advantages of transferring music without iTunes

1. Free to transfer music between computer and iPad
2. No data loss
3. Download music from computer to iPad easily

Download KeepVid Music (Windows Version) Download KeepVid Music (Mac Version)

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