Transfer Photos/Music/Videos from Lumia Windows Phone to iPhone

Transfer data between Microsoft Lumia phone and iPhone has been a hot topic for a long time. In the old time, the transfer has to be completely by downloading the files from the Internet manually. Luckily, now there are many transfer tools through the Internet that can help you complete the task without the hassle and save your time largely.

For many user of Microsoft Windows phone, such as Lumia 950 XL/ Lumia 950/Lumia 640/Lumia 520/Lumia 930/Lumia 730/ Lumia 535, it is still a little difficult to transfer media files to iPhone since they just operate in a different system. To solve the problem without any difficulty, I recommend you the professional third party tool – Wondershare MobileTrans for help.

In the article now, I will tell you how to complete the photo/video/music transfer from Microsoft Lumia Windows phone to iPhone. To start with, you need to download the program and install it on your computer by following the wizard. Now you can download free trial version to have a try before you purchase it.

Download MobileTrans for Windows Download MobileTrans for Mac

Step 1: Firstly, please launch the program by double clicking. You will then see the primary window of the tool that displays four main features of the program. Please choose the first one “Phone to Phone Transfer” here.

Step 2: In the step, you need to connect your two Lumia 520/Lumia 930/Lumia 730/ Lumia 535 and iPhone to computer via USB cables. Please first click on the right column “Destination” and connect your iOS device to computer; then click on the left side “Source” and connect your Lumia 520/Lumia 930/Lumia 730/ Lumia 535 Windows phone to computer. If you just mistake the direction, please click on “Flip” to make a change.

Copy Photos,Music,Videos from Microsoft Lumia Windows Phone to iPhone
Step 3: Main body here: you can now select the file types you want to transfer. In middle of the window, please select Photos, Music and Video and then click on “Start Transfer” to continue. You can also check the number of each type of files here.

Transfer media from Lummia to iPhone
Note: The program is very professional to transfer your media files between two phones even base on different operating systems. If you want to transfer contacts, you will need to backup contacts before the transfer.

During the whole process, you need to keep your two phones connected to your computer to avoid data loss.

Features of Wondershare MobileTrans

  • The program supports various kind of file types such as contacts/video/music/photo from Lumia 520/Lumia 930/Lumia 730/ Lumia 535 to iPhone;
  • To protect your privacy from being leaked, the program can erase all files of your of old Lumia 520/Lumia 930/Lumia 730/ Lumia 535 permanently;
  • Transfer files between phones based on different networks such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile.
  • Supports more than 7000 phones including Symbian, Android, iPhone and Microsoft Windows phone such as Lumia 520/Lumia 930/Lumia 730/ Lumia 535;
  • Recover backup files from iCloud, Blackberry, iTunes, Onedrive, Kies and more to iOS and Android devices.

Download MobileTrans for Windows Download MobileTrans for Mac

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